Route 66

route66-road-300x225Traveling between Chicago and Los Angeles, Route 66 is one of the greatest and most scenic roadways in America.  The Grand Canyon Caverns is in the middle of the longest stretch of the road still in use…100 miles…of beauty and scenery you will not get on the inter-state.  With our classic 1960’s ‘filling’ station, café and shop, we are proud to offer a glimpse back to when traveling by car was more of an adventure and half the fun was just getting there.

classic-outside-parking-lot-300x225So the Grand Canyon Caverns, celebrating 80 years of tours, and millions of years in the making, is proud to be part of the mother road. In fact the original gravel road was placed right next to our natural entrance in 1928 so our original owners, Walter and Miles Peck, could entice the first travelers to try the ‘dope on a rope’ special tour.

It takes only an extra 17 minutes to use RT 66 and enjoy our very special route…truck free [they have to stay on I-40]. There is no having to double back to enjoy this special place, as we are a loop between Seligman on the east and Kingman on the west.

cars-fun-run-3-300x225The birthplace of the RT 66 association is on this road at Angels Barber Shop in Seligman, AZ. The movie “Cars” is just the latest to use our special places as scenic locale.

You will probably fall in love with our place and the feel RT 66 imparts. Join the RT 66 movement at the top by contacting our national leader: Jim Conkle 760-961-7116

Milky Way, 10 x 30, A7s, 14mm, Linear, PS, Wavelets, ver 02We are a beautiful road in northern Arizona that the state of Arizona lovingly maintains [its better than any road in California]. You will be able to look in the Grand Canyon at mile 106, west of us at our friends and neighbors the Hualapi nation. Heading towards Seligman east of Grand Canyon Caverns you’ll have vistas of 50 miles or more with never a bit of smog…a big advantage of the middle of no-where.

For train lovers we have endless spots to pull over and enjoy every type of train the Santa Fe railroad can offer, feels like your own giant train set!!!

Just east of the caverns is the great collection of prairie dogs around. We are also home to mountain lions, bobcats [we have our own named Bob], falcons, owls, eagles, hawks, antelopes, huge elk and the largest jackalopes on the planet.

gas-station-300x225You won’t run out of gas or diesel fuel as we have added state-of-the-art pumps with all grades at our very cool 1960 modernaire filling station…one of four left in the United States.

If you take less than 100 pictures on our stretch of RT 66 and at Grand Canyon Caverns you must be tired. I double dare you to get off the boring interstate and have some memories made between the smiles.