April 2019 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

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Spring at GCC
After the most wet & cold winter in decades, Spring has finally arrived! We are completely green and our forest has never been happier. We are ready for you to come visit.
                                                                    -John McEnulty
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Hiking Stairs
We have installed three staircases over our fences to open up 600 western acres to our guests without opening our gates. This beautiful area is now accessible to hikers from the RV park, roping arena front gate & the “Lookout Trail” entry just west of D building of motel rooms. Enjoy!
Come a little more prepared with our link below:


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Four floors have been completely redone and another roof is being installed. Going on up top, the cavern building screened patio; The Arizona Room is getting some TLC along with new indoor/outdoor furniture and a collection of wildlife for viewing.

Bunkhouse Village
The first unit opens April 7th & already has reservations. These five mini ranch houses have 2 lovely bedrooms and double bed futon in the living room. Units also feature kitchen & dining fully stocked, picnic tables, fire pit, and porches.
All units are located in a huge new park land space. Only a short walk from the cavern building restaurant, gift shop and cave tours.
A wonderful new way to stay!

December 2018 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns Airport

My husband Jared and I recently took a trip (a 10 year wedding anniversary trip!) to a different area of Arizona’s Grand Canyon we had never been to – Hualapai’s Indian Reservation. I could write a blog about the wonderful 35+ mile hiking trip we did to multiple gorgeous waterfalls past Supai, the reservation’s “capital,” but we’re not here to discuss hiking/camping trips… On our return from the wonderful experience though, we stopped at the Grand Canyon Caverns on the original Route 66, near Peach Springs, because I had seen on a magazine where one could dine inside the caverns. I’m always looking for unique experiences and that sounded like one. It sure was… but, in addition to that, we also learned that one could fly into Grand Canyon Caverns Airport (L37) and partake in other activities. That’s what I want to tell you about here… continue reading

November 2018 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter


Grotto & Tour Special – Lunch 200ft. Underground!

Grotto lunch and Cavern Tour. Just $49.95 + tax.
Reservations are highly recommended.

October 2018 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Largest Oldest Deepest Darkest Quietest motel room in the world

  • Largest. 200 feet by 400 feet with 70 foot ceiling
  • Oldest: Caverns and walls over 65 million years
  • Deepest: 220 feet below the surfaces, access via elevator
  • Darkest: absent of any light Quietest: the only sound is your heart beating and your breath. You are the only living thing in the caverns… The only living thing
  • Driest: zero humidity, nothing lives in the caverns, not a fly, not bat, nothing

Imagine, if you can, spending the night in the oldest, darkest, deepest, quietest, and largest suite room in the world. Imagine, 220 feet below ground, in a cavern that took 65 million years to form, in a room that is 200 feet wide, 400 feet long with a 70 foot ceiling. The largest dry cavern in the United States, so dark that it is completely absent on any light, so quiet because it contains no life forms; nothing lives in the caverns, not a fly, not a mouse, a bat, bug or animal. Nothing. The only thing moving or breathing is you. The air is as dry and clean as one can get, coming in via 65 miles of limestone crevices from the Grand Canyon to the caverns. The limestone takes out all moisture and impurities… Please, re-read the above paragraph, slowly, and think about what each feature represents. You take the elevator down 22 stories underground and spend the night in a place so quiet and dark, so large and so old, and so alone. It is not for everyone, but if you have the desire and will, you can do this. There is only one room available in the caverns… we do have plenty of motel rooms above ground… in case the entire group is not as adventurous. The room is completely furnished with all amenities one would need… 220 feet below the surface, 2 double beds, living room with a queen fold out sofa, (room sleeps up to 6), a library of old books and magazines such as a National Geographic collection dating back to 1917, dictionaries and other books dating back to the late 1800’s. A working record player with records, table and chairs, bathroom, several lightening options for the over night stay in the caverns, and personal lightening. A comfortable “home for the night”. Your check in time is normally with the last tour of the day (4 PM) and check out is shortly after the first tour begins. (10 am) . You can check in earlier and stay later… but keep in mind that the caverns has guided tours 363 days a year along the concrete trails that curves around all sides of the room, so your privacy is limited during tour hours. There is only one Grand Canyon Caverns Cave motel room, only 364 nights a year. If someone has said they have done it all…have they stayed in the Cave room? Your water is hand carried down and up by staff (100 gallons) and an employee is station on top ground level at the top of the elevator should you need assistance. Not everyone will get to experience this wonderful most unique unusual place in time and in the world.


September 2018 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter