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You are the first to hear it officially, a new rafting company offering one and two-day motorized whitewater trips in the Grand Canyon begins this March. The River is basically sold out for 2018 and 2019 so this is a great opportunity, and availability will not last long. All trips will begin and end at the Grand Canyon Caverns Motel and we could not be more excited! The rafting trips cover the last 70 miles of the Colorado as it slices through the Grand Canyon and include nine breath-taking sections of rapids.

Call now to book 2018 white water rafting one and two day trips on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Reservations: 928-422-3223 Ext 2.


January 2018 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter


Dear Friends of the Caverns,

Happy New Year to everyone! 2018 has started out for us with a very mild winter and plenty of sunshine – much like our friends in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are all experiencing at home. This means everything at the caverns that would be normally frozen and closed is open and operational. It’s fun to see visitors playing our Disc Golf Course in January. With no bugs and few people, Supai Falls is a delight. There are even a few paddle rafters on the Colorado! Be sure to read below about all the exciting new adventures coming to the Grand Canyon Caverns and our partners this year.

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns


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Our New Caves!

A brand new Discovery! We are very happy and proud that after 7+ years of exploration a new series of very large caverns have been discover adjacent to our current caverns. These new caverns have never been seen by human eyes and our professional explorers are seeing things they have never seen before. It looks like the Grand Canyon Caverns may have just doubled in size! Please take a look some of the first photos of these new caves and formations and keep in mind that no human has ever seen what you are looking at until now!

The professional Cavern Explores from the Arizona Grotto Association is mapping this very significant find. Initial artifacts and rock formations are in many cases unlike anything we have seen before. We hope to have a tour for our guests to these new amazing caves soon.