Trip to Supai & Water Falls

The Grand Canyon Caverns is your Gateway to the Havasupai Nation and Waterfalls

The Grand Canyon Caverns can help arrange and organize your visit to the spectacular Supai waterfalls. We are the closest place to stay to the “Hill Top” (the starting and ending point) before and after your Supai adventure. Please contact us to help setup this amazing adventure.

Attention Supai Travelers:
Please make a confirmed reservation with Supai before booking Grand Canyon Caverns lodging. Supai has very limited lodging and we will accommodate you at the Grand Canyon Caverns once your Supai reservations are confirmed. An overnight Supai reservation is required to hike into the canyon and visit the falls. Please contact the Havasupai tribe directly for such reservations.

Closest and best place to stay before and after your Supai Adventure!:
It’s highly recommended you stay the first night at the Grand Canyon Caverns, wake up early and enjoy our free breakfast before hiking 8+ miles into the canyon and visiting the falls. Our 48 unit motel offers the the closest and best place to stay before and after your Havasupai Waterfalls Adventure. With newly renovated motel rooms, numerous other room type options: such as staying underground in a cave or camping outside under the stars, FREE continental breakfast, on-site convenience store, gas station, restaurant, the Grand Canyon Caverns has everything you need for your Supai trip.


This journey can be hiked both ways …limits your time at Supai and at waterfalls… but is totally worth it, hike in and helicopter out, or hike in and horseback out. If you helicopter or horseback at least one of the ways that will leave you with more hours to explore and enjoy the world class waterfalls. If you are able, we hope you hike at least one direction so you can feel the enormously of the canyon and see the canyon walls up-close in all their glory. Stay with us at the Grand Canyon Caverns before and after your Supai adventure.