Ghost Walk

Ghost Walks Nightly at the Caverns

1 hour guided walk of Caverns and Property, all participants are supplied K2 (EMF) meters to register activity. These tours are a must! Great fun, excitement, and suspense! Very small limited group size.

Departs 5 or 6 PM (depends on season)

  • Adults: $22.95 + tax
  • Children(6 to 12): $16.95 + tax

Over the last half-century 8 people have died or been buried on or in the caverns property, and another 4 have spent their lives and have had huge emotional ties of a lifetime in the Caverns. Un-explain ghost and paranormal sightings and activities have been recorded and witnessed by employees and guests alike. The most popular sighting is seeing a man, believed to be ghost of Walter Peck at the top and bottom of the elevator shaft, opening the doors at different times. Also of great interest, was when the Caverns were used as a burial site for the Native American Indians during winter months? The bodies have been removed, but the whispering sounds of the Indians can often be heard in the caverns when one listens according to reports. And at night in the darkness of the caverns, you do hear things that are not supposed to be heard according to reports. Overnight guests in the caverns suite have also reported seeing what appears to be shadows of Indian figures moving in a dance formation, circular on the rocks, as well as a distant chanting. Other reports have been of seeing images of the hanging of a body at the top of the caverns (A person did so 30 years ago) the list does go on.

Recently, the Caverns have brought in the original seats from Hollywood CA, American Film Institute (AFI) for the new Grand Canyon Caverns Theater. These seats were used from the late ’50s to 2012 and would have had every major star, producer, director and personality sitting in them at one time or another. Will some of those people be coming back to visit, dead or alive, we’re not sure, you be the judge.