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Tours & Cave Exploring

The Grand Canyon Caverns are the largest dry caverns in the United States, located 200 to 300 feet below the surface, and accessible via our exploration elevator. You enter and leave the caverns by means of this elevator, dropping 21 stories underground, making the caverns easily accessible. Because the caverns are so deep underground, the temperature is always constant, a mild 56 degrees, and there is zero humidity. The caverns offer a number of unique geological formations that can be easily viewed from our smoothly paved walking trails. The walking trails have hand rails and there is a number of benches for resting along the way.

We currently offer 5 tours. The brand new Wild Tour into the newly discovered caves. A short guided walking tour for those with very limited time or need for maximum accessibility. Our regular guided walking tour, which is 45 minutes long, covers 3/4 of a mile and departs every half hour. The Explorer Tour, which goes off the beaten path for the more adventurous. And the Ghost Walk tour, which you can read all about right here.

  • Please contact us if you wish to do the Wild or Explorers tour so that we can arrange the exclusive tour guide and equipment needed for these tours.
  • Book the Regular Cavern Tour online:
    book-now or call 855-498-6969

Wild Tour:

    Time & Length:

  • 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • The trip begins with a ride down our elevator and a hike along the existing regular tour route to the Mystery Room. From here, you begin the trip into the new cavern located at the far end of the existing caverns, where the current Explorer Tour ends. You will be among the first humans to ever see these new caves and their amazing rock formations. See things even our Professional Cavern Explorers say they have never seen before.

  • Everyone: $99.95 plus tax
  • 8 years and above in good “Explorer Tour Shape”
  • No discounts & Reservations are required.

Explorers Tour:

    Time & Length:

  • between ~2 and 2 1/2 hours

  • Experience cave exploration as it always has been. Based on your team’s abilities we will take you deep into the lower reaches of the Grand Canyon Caverns. There is no limit to our options, only how deep and dirty you are willing to get, and how many wondrous things you can stand to see. This fully guided adventure will go off the trail and into areas rarely seen and will change your thinking about this earth we call home.

  • Adults: $79.95 plus tax *No discounts & Reservations are essential… we can supply all the rest !

Regular Tour:

    Time & Length:

  • 45 min. – 3/4 mile

  • The tour begins with an elevator ride down 21 stories (210 feet) to the Chapel of the Ages cavern, the scene of numerous weddings throughout the years and large enough to hold two football fields. Your guide will tell you about the history of these awesome Caverns, including information regarding areas you will not visit. You will view Selenite and limestone crystals, our unique “winter crystals,” and Helecite crystals (a very rare form of Selenite). See the “teacup handles,” red-wall limestone, crystals and more.

  • Adults: $20.95 plus tax
  • Seniors 55+: $15.95 plus tax
  • Children(6 to 12): $13.95 plus tax
  • 5 yrs. & under FREE
  • Advance purchase recommended!

Short Tour:

    Time & Length:

  • 25-minutes – can vary slightly depending on participants

  • This tour is the same as the Regular Tour except it is specifically designed for our guests who are short on time or who may not be physically able to participate in the entire walking tour (wheel chair accessible).

  • Adults: $15.95 plus tax
  • Children(6 to 12): $10.95 plus tax
  • 5 yrs. & under FREE

*We offer AAA and AARP discounts!
*Must be physically fit and able to take directions.
*Also, proper footwear is required.
Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book the ‘Explorers Tour’