New Cave Tour!

We are pleased to announce The Grotto Association of Arizona has given us permission to start taking guests into the newly discovered caves! The new tour, called the “Wild Tour”, is the first fully new cavern tour at the Grand Canyon Caverns since 1927. The Wild Tours into the new caves will be begin daily March 12th, 2016. The tour will last roughly 2 and 1/2 hours, the minimum age is 12 years, and you must be in good physical shape. To be among the first humans to ever see these new caves call (928) 422-3223 Ext:2 to reserve your date and time.

The details:

  • WHO: Anyone 12 years and above in good “Explorer Tour Shape”. Younger ages only if approved by Head Tour Guide Gilbert and the actual tour guide on the day of the event. Their decisions are final.
  • WHAT: The trip begins with a ride down our elevator and a hike along the existing regular tour route to the Mystery Room. From here, you begin the trip into the new cavern located at the far end of the existing caverns, where the current Explorer Tour ends. Expected tour time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • WHY: Be among the first humans to ever see these new caves and their amazing rock formations. See things even our Professional Cavern Explorers say they have never seen before.
  • WHEN: Daily beginning March 12th, 2016.
  • COST: $89.95 per person, NO DISCOUNTS.
  • RESERVATIONS: Call 928-422-3223 Ext 2.

Explorers find new cave in Arizona

Watch this TV news article about our newly discovered caves!

Our New Caves!

A brand new Discovery! We are very happy and proud that after 7+ years of exploration a new series of very large caverns have been discover adjacent to our current caverns. These new caverns have never been seen by human eyes and our professional explorers are seeing things they have never seen before. It looks like the Grand Canyon Caverns may have just doubled in size! Please take a look some of the first photos of these new caves and formations and keep in mind that no human has ever seen what you are looking at until now!

The professional Cavern Explores from the Arizona Grotto Association is mapping this very significant find. Initial artifacts and rock formations are in many cases unlike anything we have seen before. We hope to have a tour for our guests to these new amazing caves soon.