Helicopter Tours and Scenic Flights

Sorry, helicopter flights and heli tours are no longer offered.

We are very excited that Guidance Air, Sedona’s premier helicopter tour operator, is offering flights to, from, and at, the Grand Canyon Caverns (GCC). Guidance Air will be running a variety of tours from Sedona to the GCC and while those tour guests are enjoying the caverns, the helicopter(s) will be available for other guests already at the GCC to use for short scenic rides. The Heli tours being offered by Guidance Air to the GCC include a round trip flight on a helicopter from Sedona to the Grand Canyon Caverns and one of these GCC activities:

  • Cave tour and Grotto Restaurant lunch: The great Regular Tour (or short tour if that is best for you) will be combined with a meal 200 ft. underground at the Grotto restaurant.
  • Wild Tour: Get adventurous as you put on explorer equipment and journey deep into the big cave first discovered in August 2014.
  • Overnight at the world-famous Cavern Suite: Spend a night deep underground in the Grand Canyon Caverns, in the middle of a massive cave all to yourself!

Call now for additional information and reservations: 928-422-3223 Ext 2.