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Are the Caverns Haunted?

Grand Canyon Caverns Hires Ghost Experts to investigate Cavern paranormal activity

Mike Kadletz, business manager of the Grand Canyon Caverns, an Arizona Route 66 landmark for over 75 years has hired the OCGALT Paranormal team (Orange County Ghosts and Legends Paranormal Team) in Orange County California to finally put to rest, or confirm, the existence of the reports of Ghost and paranormal activity at the Grand Canyon Caverns to rest.

Over the last half century 8 people have died or been buried on or in the caverns property, and another 4 have spent their lives and have had huge emotional ties of a lifetime in the Caverns. Un-explain ghost and paranormal sightings and activities have been recorded and witness by employees and guest alike. The most popular sighting is seeing a man, believed to be ghost of Walter Peck at the top and bottom of the elevator shaft, opening the doors at different times. Also of great interest, was when the Caverns were used as a burial site for the Native American Indians during winter months? The bodies have been removed, but the whispering sounds of the Indians can often be heard in the caverns when one listens according to reports. And at night in the darkness of the caverns, you do hear things that are not supposed to be heard according to reports. Overnight guess in the caverns suite have also reported seeing what appears to be shadows of Indian figures moving in a dance formation, circular on the rocks, as well as a distant chanting. Other reports have been of seeing images of the hanging of a body at the top of the caverns (A person did so 30 years ago) the list does go on.

The investigating crew of OCGALT will arrive Friday, March 3rd and spend the weekend around the caverns property, but will spend the nights 220 feet under ground investigating. Operated by Matt Harvey, who has been running his paranormal business for 9 years and offers his services to haunted locations in California and Arizona.

About the ghost hunting investigation into the Grand Canyon Caverns

Matt and Chris will be investigating the Grand Canyon Caverns on March 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2012. The investigation will start around dusk and last till the early hours in the morning. Some people report seeing a ghostly figure on the elevator. Is this the previous owner of the property? Other tragic events have happened that could be causing the activity in and around the caverns to. The son of the old owner hung himself on top of the mines could be hanging around. A tour guide who lost his life just outside the caverns, does he still lead tours of the caverns? Who or what is causing the activity at the Grand Canyon Caverns? That’s what the owner wants to find out.

Matt and Chris hope to be able to capture evidence of the ghostly activity that is said to happen in the caverns using the following ghost hunting devices. Different types of EMF detectors including KII Meters, Gauss Meters, Ghost Meters. EMF stands for electronic magnetic fields or energy and are said to be given off by ghosts, but can be caused by any electronically device The devices work by lighting up and or by making a loud sound alerting us of an energy change. Sony Handy Cams with Super Night Shot and additional infrared lighting to possibly capture something moving, an apparition or something they can’t explain away onto video. Digital voice recorders, hoping to get what are called an EVP or Electric Voice Phenomenon and are said to be voices heard on the recorder that were to low for us to hear or caused by ghost altering the noises inside the recorder to produce a response that we can sometimes hear. Professional grade digital cameras, again to capture ghostly images or apparitions. Motion sensors, the idea is to have some unseen entity or mass break the beam of the motion sensor beam and the alarm to sound. Matt and Cris are hopeful that they can not only experience the activity that is said to be happening but also capture evidence of it at the caverns. They are hope to be able to establish communication with whom ever or what ever may roaming the caverns in hopes that others may also be able to experience it on tours in the caverns.

Matt and Cris will report any finding and experiences back to the owners of the Grand Canyon Caverns, He is hoping that the Orange County Ghosts And Legends Paranormal Team will bring him back evidence that will show that the caverns are haunted once and for all.

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