Trip To Supai And Water Falls

The Grand Canyon Caverns is your Gateway to the Havasupai Nation and Waterfalls

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The Grand Canyon Caverns can help arrange and organize your visit to the spectacular Supai waterfalls. We are the closest place to stay to the “Hill Top” (the starting and ending point) before and after your Supai adventure. Please contact us to help setup this amazing adventure.


This is a long but very fulfilling brief trip to Supai and the amazing waterfalls deep in Grand Canyon.
  1. HELECOPTER In & Out of Supai from the “Hill Top” parking lot.
    Reservations are essential. Grand Canyon Caverns personnel can help you with contacts at 928-422-3223.
  2. Horseback ride into Supai and Helicopter out to “Hill Top’ the same day.
  3. Hike into Supai with an early morning start from “Hill Top” at 6am and Helicopter out late in the day. Reservations for helicopter essential.
    -Must Leave motel at Grand Canyon Caverns by 5AM to make this work.


This journey can be hiked both ways…limits your time at Supai and at waterfalls but is totally worth it, hike in and helicopter out, or hike in and horseback out. If you helicopter or horseback at least one of the ways that will leave you with more hours to explore and enjoy the world class waterfalls. If you are able we hope you hike at least one direction to be able to get a feel for the canyon walls in all their glory.

Stay with us at Grand Canyon Caverns before and after your Supai adventure.. We can link you up to the Supai services you will need and can help you book a room far in advance for the Lodge at Supai or the camp ground between the waterfalls. These both fill up fast.

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