September 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns

September 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Caverns,

The prairie grass lands are greener and taller than I’ve ever seen them, thanks to almost daily afternoon thunder showers that have been ongoing since July. Luckily, the trail to the waterfalls past Supai has been open every day and the gravel road to the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon has only been closed a few days since the rains have started. We have been truly blessed.

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns

This month @ the GCC:

  • Activities right now:

    Exploring Hiking Rafting Horseback Riding Lodging RV Campground Tent Camping Animal Park Beer Food

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    Last month we had a fabulous wedding party who spent 3 days at the caverns, including having the wedding ceremony inside one of the large caves 200+ feet underground! The wedding was such a hit, and the Grand Canyon Caverns proved to be such a great location for a wedding (especially for those wanting an extraordinarily unique setting with built-in-privacy and a guaranteed perfect temperature for the ceremony), we think this may become a trend. We will have photos and more from this wedding, and information about the possibility of future ones in the upcoming newsletters.


    The Grotto restaurant has been a runaway smashing success! And why wouldn’t it be, an amazing dining experience 200+ feet underground, overlooking a large cavern millions of years old. You first take an amazing Caverns Tour and then sit down and enjoy great food and all-inclusive drinks on a wooden deck overlooking one of the largest dry caverns in the country. If you have not made plans to visit the new Grotto restaurant pick up the phone and make a reservation now! This is truly a unique and fantastic experience.

    Caverns Grotto Reservations: 928-422-3223 Ext 3

    The Grand Canyon Caverns is where many of our local wildlife friends and folliage call home. Right now, there are two proud deer moms with beautiful babies roaming the property, along with elk, antelope, prairie dogs, other small creatures, and many species of birds. Just this month, we were the release site for 6 juvenile owls, who joined two large adult owls who have been with us for many years. There are also about 5,000 baby pine trees on the eastern side of the property, and they are growing very quickly after the wet winter and with the current afternoon monsoons.


    • Bunkhouse (aka Ranch house)
      • Work on the long awaited second bathroom & shower in the Bunkhouse will begin this month.
      • Restoration work on the exterior of the building is happening right now. Like many of the other buildings it is being repainted to the original color scheme of 1978.
    • Cavern building
      • The children’s playground is finished and wowing kids of all ages! It’s brand new but was designed to ‘look’ ancient and is almost indestructible.
      • Finishing touches on the restoration to the front of the Cavern building are being made. It was in desperate need of repair and paint.
    • Motel
      • Building ‘D’ of the motel rooms has been fully restored. Now, on the outside, all 48 Motor Inn rooms look like they did when originally built in 1964 but on the inside, they are modern and fresh.
      • Wi-Fi will be added to all motel rooms soon. Bidding is in progress for the contract. We finally ‘caved’ in to modern world desires…
      • Blu-ray DVD/CD players are being added to all rooms and a free lending library of movies is available at the front desk area.
    • Mini-Suites
      • This winter we will start the prototype for our exciting Mini-Suites at the Motel.
      • Some of the design concepts being looked at include an interior fireplace, a kitchenette, a private patio with a barbecue and an outdoor fire pit.

About the GCC:

The Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the United States, is located on Route 66, just East of Peach Springs, AZ and over 200 feet below the surface. Stop by and take a tour, you won’t be disappointed! Directions To Grand Canyon CavernsDirections To Grand Canyon Caverns