October 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns

October 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Caverns,

It is a wonderful time of year – pleasant days, and crisp nights. Winter will come soon to our 6,000-foot paradise. It takes us about 6 weeks to winterize all the buildings and get everything ready for the cold. One place we don’t have to worry about the cold is in the Caverns! At a constant 56 degrees (which always feels more like 72 degrees thanks to just 6% humidity), the weather in the Caverns is always perfect no matter the time of year. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the fall outdoor activities, and come winter enjoy our oh-so-pleasant cave even more!

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns

This month @ the GCC:

  • Activities right now:

    Exploring Hiking Rafting Horseback Riding Lodging RV Campground Tent Camping Animal Park Beer Food

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    TV Shows from all around the world have been filming or have scheduled to film inside the caverns and around the Cavern Suite. Want to be part of the action? Make your reservations well in advance for “special dates”! The Caverns Suite has never looked better or had higher ratings. Most suite guests now “go out” to dinner at the Cavern Grotto, which just a short walk through the cavern. It’s the perfect dining and date spot in your special lodging area.

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    We have been amazed by the huge response to the Grotto from both public media and on social media. The Grotto has captured the imagination of Route 66 fans, Great Food Lovers, and everyone who has heard about it. And it should, it’s one the most unique and amazing dining restaurants in the world! We strongly recommend you book as early as possible to reserve a seat 200 feet underground! Can’t get a seat? Try booking the Cavern Suite since overnight guests are guaranteed a table.

    Caverns Grotto Reservations: 928-422-3223 Ext 3

    The Grand Canyon Caverns has become a favorite stop for international groups touring all the amazing sites of Northern Arizona. We offer fantastic options to sightseers, such as an afternoon cavern tour and lunch, or a spooky evening Ghost tour, dinner, and a stay overnight at the hotel. We are able to accommodate large buses and big groups. Our attention to lodging details, constant improvments, and never ending new and exciting things to do make the Grand Canyon Caverns a wonderful place to stop – in the middle-of-no-where!


    Our wild and open 1,500 acres is getting crowded with animals looking for safety during the hunting season. We love and understand the role of hunting in the over-all circle of life, but are delighted to be a neutral no-hunting zone for all of our furry neighbors. We see many of the same wild friends every fall, and this year appears to be no different!

About the GCC:

The Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the United States, is located on Route 66, just East of Peach Springs, AZ and over 200 feet below the surface. Stop by and take a tour, you won’t be disappointed! Directions To Grand Canyon CavernsDirections To Grand Canyon Caverns