May 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns

May 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Caverns,

Happy Mother’s Day! Summer is almost here and we have been busy with spring cleaning. The Route 66 Fun Run just happened this past weekend – amazing crowds and entertainment! Memorial Day weekend and the official ‘busy’ season kick off is just around the corner. Reservations have been strong, do not wait until the last minute to make yours.

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns

This month @ the GCC:

  • Activities right now:

    Exploring Hiking Rafting Horseback Riding Lodging RV Campground Tent Camping Animal Park Beer Food

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  • Getting READY for Summer!

    The summer is the busy season at the Grand Canyon Caverns. But don’t worry, you won’t find big crowds and long lines here. The Grand Canyon Caverns is a throwback to years gone by, where the pace is not as rushed and everything is more relaxed. Operating hours have been extended, so everything from the Cavern Tours to the restaurant are open longer. A brand-new dining menu has been added and an all-new extraordinary dining experience is on its way. The pool is almost ready to be opened. The Convenience store is loaded and stocked for the coming summer months. The motel, campground, and RV park are fully operational and ready for a wonderful summer!

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    The Grand Canyon Caverns is a great place to host your next tournament or event. Boosting a Rodeo Ring, Disc Golf course, large parking areas, 100 acres of open space, a 5100-ft. runway, dining options, full bar, and plenty of choices for staying the night – if you have something in mind, contact us, and let’s make it happen!


    Last month’s Newsletter spoke about an all-new, delicious dinning menu that has been slowly tested and perfected over the past few months, and an extraordinary new dining option, unlike anything ever before. Along, with new caverns waiting to be discovered, new additions to our already adventurous ‘off-trail’ tours, and many other ideas in the pipeline, the Grand Canyon Caverns has never experienced such a level of excitement as we have lately. As a Friend of the Caverns you’ll be the first in-line to hear all about it and we hope you will be the first in-line to experience it!


    We have exciting weather here at 6,000 feet! Only from April through October does the weather allow us to work on restoring some of our 40 buildings here at the Grand Canyon Caverns. Right now, the Giant Cavern Building, which is located directly above the famous caves, is getting a complete outside restoration! Many other projects are underway, including cleaning, repairing, and replacing the hundreds of signs across this huge property. Of course, all restoration is keeping to our mid-1900s and Route 66 heritage.

About the GCC:

The Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the United States, is located on Route 66, just East of Peach Springs, AZ and over 200 feet below the surface. Stop by and take a tour, you won’t be disappointed!

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