March 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns

March 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Caverns,

Winter is officially over! And, while we are thankful for the most moisture in 30 years, it’s time to dry out & warm up and let the hiking & rafting begin!

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns

This month @ the GCC:

  • Activities right now:

    Exploring Hiking Rafting Horseback Riding Lodging RV Campground Tent Camping Animal Park Beer Food

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  • Welcome!

    We want to give a big welcome and thank you to:

    • All the TV shows that will be filming at the Grand Canyon Caverns this spring.
    • The future visitors that have already booked a stay and have led to a record number of reservations.
    • Our neighbors and friends the Hualapai and Havasupai Nations for relying on us for big events, such as the June Pow Wow, fuel, and our general store.
    • To all the RT66 motorists who have stopped by for a meal, a tour, and comfortable place to stay while enjoying the classic highway and 130 miles of freedom from the trucks and potholes on I-40.

    12 wonderful explorers from the AZ Grotto Assoc. visited the Grand Canyon Caverns the last weekend of February and they made great progress towards the next big Cavern discovery! On the Saturday night of their visit, they shared a presentation about the microbes found in the newly discovered caves that are new to science and may help both medicine and industry. Talk about a ‘living cave’!

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    We are sad to report the 100-year-old tree that shaded our restaurant’s screen patio had to be removed because of winter storm damage.  It will be greatly missed, but in its honor, we are planting many new trees. We thought this was the proper way to remember our beautiful giant.


    Our new Western Outpost at RT66 and Antares Road is open and evolving every week. We believe this will be a must see/must stop on RT66 and the view is the best anywhere on the Mother Road! Located at mile marker 75 on RT66, 22 miles East of Kingman AZ, and just 40 miles from there to the Grand Canyon Caverns.

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About the GCC:

The Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the United States, is located on Route 66, just East of Peach Springs, AZ and over 200 feet below the surface. Stop by and take a tour, you won’t be disappointed!

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