April 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Grand Canyon Caverns

April 2017 Grand Canyon Caverns Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Caverns,

Everything is awakening from a pretty serious winter! The GCC is now operating on full, prime season hours, which means more time to eat, play, and explore! Advance room reservations are about double what there were last year and some summer dates are already sold out, so book as soon as possible. The adventurous off-trail Explorer and Wild Tours are hugely popular, so call ahead to guarantee a spot. Our new dining option, which you can read about below, is going to be a smash hit – so stay tuned for its grand opening. Winter is over, so it’s time to wake up and come on down!

John McEnulty
Partner, Grand Canyon Caverns

This month @ the GCC:

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    The Grand Canyon Caverns is proud to announce an all new and spectacular dinning option, Dinner in the Cave! Just as the Cavern Suite offers one of the most amazing and unique locations on the entire planet to stay the night, this new dinning location 200+ feet underground will do the same. With its grand opening planned this summer, reservations will start in late spring for both lunch and dinner. Stay tuned to reserve this one of kind adventure for a delicious meal in one the most unique dining spots ever!


    The restaurant at the Grand Canyon Caverns did a soft launch of an all-new dinner menu over the winter and now we are happy to report it has been fine-tuned and is absolutely delicious!!! The Signature Meal Choices are as good a meal as you have ever tasted anytime or anywhere. Along with a fantastic lunch served all day, you better come hungry and ready to feast!


    The explorers from the AZ Grotto Assoc. almost punched through and into another big cavern during their visit to the Grand Canyon Cavern’s just over a month ago. We hope they will be back for another try this June. Everyone is expecting some amazing discoveries and we cannot wait to see what wonders another large cavern holds. You will be the first to know…


    When the members of the AZ Grotto Assoc. last visited, they were doing more than just exploring – they were serious about their science! They followed the air movement as it filters through the rocks on the edge of the cave, took samples and measurements, and performed DNA analysis. Fourteen samples produced 1.4 million DNA segments, leading to the discovery that there are some 50 different microbial Phyla in the Grand Canyon Caverns, with a few of these Phyla not yet defined. A presentation by one of the members discussed, in detail, the microbes discovered – they may be new to science, and could have medical and industrial benefits!

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About the GCC:

The Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the United States, is located on Route 66, just East of Peach Springs, AZ and over 200 feet below the surface. Stop by and take a tour, you won’t be disappointed!

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